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TC5X Clip-on USB C Adapter Cup used for charging with a standard USB-C cable. USB-C cable sold separately. Works with USB Charger (Indoor PWR-WUA5V12W0xx and in vehicle CHG-AUTO-USB1-01)

- Attaches to rugged charge/communicaton port on bottom of TC5x.
- Does not provide USB communications, only charging.
- Will charge battery in TC5x from 0-90% in as little as 2.5 hours when used with USB Power Supply (PWRWUA5V12W0xx)
- Includes insert/shim that requires removal when using a TC5x unit with the Rugged Boot/Exoskeleton attached.

- USB-C cable (CBL-TC5XUSBC2A-01 or CBL-TC2XUSBC-01) or similar 3rd party USB-C standard cable

USB charger
- Indoor use: order Country Specific version of USB Power Supply (PWR-WUA5V12W0xx)
- In Vehicle use: USB Cigarette Lighter Adapter (CHG-AUTO-USB1-01)