Wall Mount Disk for iPad + Frame (Complete Kit)

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Wall Mount Disk for ipad

With X Lock wall mount, you can mount your iPad or iPad Mini easily to any surface. A quick turn and click, and your ipad is successfully mounted! With a simple spin, the ipad can be juggled between portrait & landscape alignments and you need not remove and re-mount it.
Here is a look at some of the important features.

Turn & Click feature

It cannot get more intuitive or simpler than this! Just align your X Clock ipad case with the mount disk and turn it till you hear that re-assuring click sound which indicates your iPad is perfectly mounted at 90º in landscape or portrait configuration.

Unobtrusive Slim Design

X Lock mount’s simple sleek and unobtrusive design fits into practically any business environment without causing any disturbance to the surrounding area. Get it installed in minutes with screws or adhesive and you are up and running with your business.

Mounted Orientations made easy.

Wish to change the orientation of your iPad while is stands mounted? It simple, just turn and click. X Pole Wall mounts have been designed to allow easy mounting, perfect locking at 90º angles each and every time.

Screw or Adhesive Installation.

You can choose to screw the wall mount permanently. In case you are using a rented office space and don’t like the idea of drilling into walls, you can choose to go for customized 3M adhesive pad that comes with your mount disk. It holds firmly and also comes out neatly in case you wish to take it out and move on to some other place.

Awesome Presentation

The best part about X Lock wall mounting is that once your iPad is mounted, it appears to actually flat and you cannot see the mount disk behind it at all. A cool feature that helps keeping your tech better organized or as a digital dashboard.

Clever mounting to help make the most of your iPad

Your iPad is a powerful tool be it for work, play or creative activities. The X Lock wall mount system enables you to use your iPad seamlessly without the risk of damaging it while using it for any activity. With its intelligent and intuitive mounting technique, the X lock case can mount to a great range of accessories with its simple Turn and click mechanism, offering reliable protection to your iPad all the time.