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Motorola PDT MC67NA NUM 2D-SR CAM WM6.5 1.5X Mobile Computer

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What can workers accomplish with the Motorola Solutions MC67 when on the road? Everything they can do in the office - and a lot more. Field-ready tools include the ability to send video clips of equipment in need of repair to get on-the-spot guidance from an in-house expert or equipment manufacturer. A high-resolution picture documents equipment condition or captures an important document. Scanning a bar code quickly and accurately tracks parts as they are used. Calling a customer to update an arrival time window, checking and responding to email, or broadcasting a push-to-talk call to the whole workgroup are accomplished simply and easily.
Main Features :
  • HSPA+
  • 802.11a/b/g/n
  • Imager
  • Camera
  • 512MB/2GB
  • Numeric
  • WM6.5
  • 1.5X


Brochure (MC55-MC65-MC67_Accessory_Guide.pdf, 632 Kb) [Download]

Brochure (MC67_Product_Brochure.pdf, 687 Kb) [Download]

Brochure (Motorola_T&L_Product_Portfolio.pdf, 321 Kb) [Download]