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Mobile Computers : Motorola FR68 Incorporates Mobile Computer

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This compact and lightweight FR68 incorporates a 3.5G mobile phone, GPS with superior sensitivity and tracking capabilities, 1D barcode scanner, high resolution auto-focus colour camera, 3.5G wireless WAN(WWAN), wireless LAN (WLAN), wireless PAN (WPAN) and IrDA connectivity - all in a single device. The FR68 is the ideal partner for mission critical mobile business applications. Equipped with a wide 3G bandwidth, the FR68 has the capability to manage data, voice, video and auto-id capture. With industry standard IP54 sealing and rugged drop specifications, the FR68 will survive the wear and tear of daily use, whether in retail, field sales, field force automation, track and trace, logistics, transportation and fleet management, public safety or health care.
Main Features :
  • Industry-leading drop test, IP54 sealing and integrated antennas
  • 3.5G WWAN HSDPA broadband support
  • Assisted GPS radio, WLAN: 802.11 b/g, WPAN: Bluetooth v2.0 and IrDA
  • 1D Laser Scanner (SE955)
  • 3.2 megapixel auto-focus flash-enabled color camera designed to meet the needs of enterprise class applications
  • Microsoft operating system: Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
  • Touch screen and optional keypad functionality
  • Multiple voice modes: Handset, headset and speaker phone
  • Backwards compatible with MC75 charging cradle


Motorola FR68 (MOT_FR68_BROCHURE.pdf, 800 Kb) [Download]