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Mobile Computers : Motorola CA50 VoIP-Enabled Wireless Barcode Scanner

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The CA50 combines ease-of-use with the capabilities that retail associates,healthcare and hospitality workers and more need to increase productivity and availability,reduce errors and improve customer service and satisfaction — from mobile phone-style voice communications to wireless bar code scanning and data application support for information retrieval.The familiar and intuitive mobilephone-style user experience virtually eliminates the need for training — and built-in enterprise durability ensures that the device can withstand all day every day use on the retail floor,in hospitals,hotels and more.The compact, VoIP-enabled CA50 allows workers to achieve a new level of productivity through the cost-efficient delivery of voice, text messaging, wireless bar code scanning and basic data application support — all via wireless LAN.
The device facilitates management of these mobile workforces, resulting in increased productivity and more personalized customer service. Whether on the retail floor or in a hospital, the device instantly responds to management requests and customer needs.
Main Features :
  • Walkie-talkie (1-to-many) voice communications
  • Voice calls (1-to-1)
  • Wireless LAN
  • Wireless bar code scanning
  • Wireless messaging capability
  • Web-based server side applications
  • Integration with telephony systems, WLAN or other business equipment


Motorola CA50 (MOT_CA50_BROCHURE.pdf, 300 Kb) [Download]