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Mobile Computers : HoneyWell - Dolphin 9700 Sleek And Handheld Computer

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The Honeywell Dolphin 9700 mobile computer has been built from the ground up to provide your field service crews and health care providers with a powerful and easy to use solution. Honeywell's Adaptus Imaging Technology ensures accurate and fast barcode scanning. The built-in imager is set at an angle, allowing you to scan barcodes while still giving you a full view of the crisp 3.7" VGA screen. An optional 2 megapixel camera takes high quality color photos, excellent for adding visual documentation to receiving orders or customer accounts.


Features of Dolphin 9700 Mobile Computer : - 

Integrated global high-speed wireless technology includes 3.5G GSM/HSDPA and 802.11 a/b/g for real-time data exchange and voice communications, plus Bluetooth for efficient wireless connection to peripheral devices and IrDA

Adaptus  Imaging Technology 5.0 reads linear and 2D bar codes, captures digital images, and enables electronic signature capture—enabling workers to do more with a single device

Shift-PLUS™ power management technology enhances productivity by powering real-time wireless and multi-media applications continuously for 8 hours of more

Automated assisted GPS (A-GPS) technology improves satellite connection speed and tracking continuity in weak signal areas while simplifying device set-up

Windows® Mobile 6.5 delivers enhanced touch-friendly user interface, improved web browsing functionality, and broad third-party application support

Color camera with automated programming control provides easy integration of color picture and video capture into business applications while simplifying operator use

Optional Magnetic Stripe and Card Reader Accessory offers convenient reading of magnetic stripe and smart chip encoded identification and credit cards for use in various applications


HONEYWELL-DOLPHIN 9700 (dolphin9700.pdf, 817 Kb) [Download]