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Mobile Computers : Denso BHT8000

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BHT8000 / BHT-8044 / BHT-8044D / BHT-8048D / BHT-8144


Denso's flagship product, the BHT8000 is a feature packed mobile terminal designed for the simple user in mind. Featuring a large liquid crystal display, a large keypad featuring resin sealed keys, vibration functionality and bluetooth, the BHT8000 is guaranteed to make simple business processes easier. This terminal comes equipped with an advanced scanning system to read wide, high density and poor contrast labels, a large liquid crystal display and large resin keys, suitable for use with gloves.

  • Batch mode or Bluetooth connectivity
  • Large liquid crystal display
  • 26 large resin sealed keys to ensure longevity of key text
  • Vibration feedback indicator


Denso BHT8000 (DEN_BHT_8000_BROCHURE.pdf, 213 Kb) [Download]