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Mobile Computers : Denso BHT500

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The BHT-500 terminal is an advanced data capture unit provided by Denso. The BHT-500 is provided with colour screen, has high durability, an easy to use keypad, beeper/vibrator/LED operator feedback and high performance laser barcode reader. In addition, the BHT-500 is compatable with advanced BHT-BASIC Version 4.0 software. The high-resolution (QVGA) LCD colour display is regarded as the best with CCD technology ensuring excellent read results.

  • Batch scanning of 2 row barcodes
  • Improved scanning for faded or dirty barcodes
  • Key layout that is conductive to work use
  • Fitted with the latest colour LCD
  • 1.5m drop to concrete resistance


Denso BHT500 (DEN_BHT_500_1.JPG, 23 Kb) [Download]

Denso BHT500 (DEN_BHT_OS_MOBILE_TERMINALS.pdf, 207 Kb) [Download]