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Barcode Scanners

Buy reliable, durable and fast Barcode Scanners at the lowest prices. POS central offers a wide range of affordable 1D, 2D scanners , Cordless barcode scanners, Handheld, Single line and Omni directional, presentation/scale scanners  & RFID barcode scanners delivered fast across New Zealand. Speak to our expert now! We sell barcode scanners from the most popular brands like motorola, , datalogic, Cino, Posiflex, Honeywell and many more to fullfill you business needs.
Barcode scanners play very important role for a business as they can help increase the speed of checkout on the Point of sale. Barcode scanner need to be choosen based on the environment the business operate and type of barcode that needs to be scanned. If you are not sure which barcode scanner will meet your business requirement, Speak to Customer Service staff.
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NZ $709.00 (Inc GST)